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All-in-One Property Management Solution

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Renovated Building


We empower property managers to give better customer service and an overall experience to their tenants by bridging the communication gap.


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Commercial Real Estate can be complex – your property management software doesn’t have to be. Proppex will help you conquer commercial renting in an intuitive way.

Saves Time and Energy

Through automation and ease-of-use, Proppex saves valuable time and money while bringing the transparency of a third-party to the landlord-tenant relationship. Our platform provides a one-stop shop for all your property management needs. From tracking rent payments to handling maintenance, Proppex makes property management painless.

By collaborating with local services providers, Proppex provides a new way to solve any maintenance issues. 
Washing Machine Maintenance

Simple Maintenance Management 

Powerful, intuitive controls for better management

Current Property Management solutions are fragmented and outdated. Proppex aggregates these dispersed tasks into one platform. By embracing modern technology, our intuitive solution allows tenants, property owners, property managers, and service providers a more efficient and profitable relationship.

Philip, Consultant

Brilliant. Saving up to 75% of time will bring immediate impact to property management enterprises.

Joseph, Landlord

I wish I had 48 hours a day to manage all of my properties. Proppex provides exactly that. This will allow my business to grow even further.

Veronica, PM

This is exactly what I was looking for. Their maintenance solution will make my job so much easier!

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Time Savings 


Net Income Potential


Dedication to
Customer Service

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