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Proppex makes managing tenants and rental properties simple and convenient. 



Clear communication with tenants is the single most important priority for the landlord.



Mobile signing which instantly sends the agreements to all parties.



Receiving and responding to maintenance tickets as soon as they come through. 



Reliably receive rent with automated payments and tenant reminders. 



Analytical data points for landlords to make more strategic rental business operation.

01. Tenant 

All information about your tenants in one place. Proppex makes management easy with effective controls and fluid navigation.

Full control, easy data management, and convenient storage.


02. Centralized Communication

Clear communication

Clear communication between property managers and tenants is the single most important way to improve trust, relationships, and overall experiences. In addition to ease of messaging between parties whenever necessary, Proppex sends automated reminders to keep tenants aware of important information such as rental due dates, expiring leases, and maintenance updates. Beyond simple messages, all parties can share files and documents with just a few clicks. 

Transparent Access

Proppex provides tenants with a personalised portal, a hub from which they can view important documents, pay rent, submit maintenance requests, and communicate with their landlord.  


03. Digital Lease Agreements 

Proppex makes life easier, eliminating the need to coordinate multiple schedules of busy people to meet in person to sight a lease. All lease signings can be completed online, and other documents (renewals, etc) can also be conveniently signed electronicallysaving time for all parties. 

Customizable Options

Leases are not all the same. Proppex allows users to create as many custom lease templates as needed, while automated fields make the process easier. Additionally, Proppex enables users to edit or revise lease - on a phone, tablet, or desktop - up until the time it is signed. Proppex variety of lease templates makes it easy to find the right document with the right information quickly. Rental amounts, lease dates, pet addendums, and other important information are automatically added and integrated into the property manager's portal. 

Accessible Storage

Property managers can sign and store as many leases and other documents as they require, including addendums, tenant information, purchase receipts, etc. All of these documents can be easily accessed whenever and wherever needed.

Process Tracking

Dealing with multiple properties at different stages of leasing processes is a complex, stressful situations for a property manager. Keeping track of everything can be overwhelming. Proppex solves this problem by offering easy process tracking for each lease agreement, ensuring that necessary signatures are obtained as efficiently as possible 


04. Payments 

Automated Payments

With Proppex's automated system, fewer tenants will forget to pay, and more rental payments will come in one time. 

Payment Reminder Alerts

Tenants receive automatic reminders when rent is due. One-click payments makes submitting rent on time easy. Property mangers can also choose to send custom reminders to one or all of their tenants. Proppex tracks and simply displays an archive of emails sent. 


05. Maintenance Management

Targeted Maintenance Request

Proppex offers simple and intuitive user experience for tenants to identify which maintenance they need with their available hours. Proppex is here to save property managers' time and money. 

Pool of Service Companies 

Proppex is hubspot for maintenance companies who are ready to help. Each maintenance ticket generates diverse recommended service companies based on location, availability, and reviews. 


06. Analytics

Proppex's reports are clean, simple, and easy to understand. Powerful filters and intuitive presets allow users to gain valuable insight in just few clicks. Digital payments are immediately and automatically recorded, and financial records can be easily exported to Excel and other financial programs. In addition, property managers can download monthly data as a backup, print results for partners and owners, and easily share with their accountants at year-end. 

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